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November 1, 2011:
While most officials worldwide continue their conspiracy to cover up the growing zombie threat, the State of Missouri has come clean and is doing its best to warn its citizens . . . read article

November 2, 2011:
If you've attended Gen Con, PAX Prime, PAX East, or any of the trade shows we've exhibited at this year, you've seen our neon-bright shirts. Many of you have asked to buy them, sometimes right off our backs . . . read article

November 3, 2011:
With Munchkin Axe Cop flying out of our warehouse, heading towards your friendly local game store, the question on everyone's mind is "How do I become as awesome as Axe Cop?" The answer has two parts: Axe and Cop. Cop is a class that lets you use more big weapons and get extra Allies. Axe gives you more chances to chop off heads. No wonder Axe Cop has the Bad Guys quaking in their boots! Axe and Cop are cards from Munchkin Axe Cop . . . read article

November 4, 2011:
I know that I was just in NYC (NYCC report here), but I'm headed back to the Big Apple on November 10th for more meetings. And since I'll be in the area anyway, I thought I'd take advantage of timing to arrange a visit to The Compleat Strategist, one of the older game stores in the nation, and a fantastic place to shop if you're a gamer in in New York City . . . read article

November 5, 2011:
New year? New releases! . . . read article

November 6, 2011:
At the Alliance Retailer Summit, someone asked me, "Will the regular sized Cthulhu Dice continue to be available after the Giant Cthulhu Dice are released?" The short answer is "Yes!" The pocket-sized Cthulhu Dice is the primary form of the game, and the one we'll prioritize when it comes to reprints. Although we'll keep releasing new colors (because pushing the color limits of dice making turns out to be a lot of fun) . . . read article

November 7, 2011:
If you're a Car Wars fan, you're probably already familiar with the first three installments of the City Blocks series available and ready to print from e23: City Blocks, City Blocks 2, and City Blocks 3. If so, you've probably already used these products to print out your own super-sized maps for autoduelling action. Car Wars City Blocks 4 has all the makings to build a huge arena . . . read article

November 8, 2011:
Later this month, we'll be driving up to Dallas for BoardGameGeekCon, the event organized by the founders of BoardGameGeek, one of the best resources on the internet for gamers. The attendees, as one might expect, are extremely knowledgable about games of all kinds . . . read article

November 9, 2011:
These goodies should be on the shelves of your friendly local game store right now! Giant Cthulhu Dice Everybody loved the giant foam Cthulhu Dice set that we made for convention demos! They begged and pleaded . . . read article

November 10, 2011:
This weekend, November 12-13, I will be a guest at Hal-Con in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm looking forward to it because I've never been anywhere near Halifax before -- so I expect to meet some fans I've never met -- and because it's going to be a big event! . . . read article

November 11, 2011:
Paul Chapman joined us in 2000, as assistant in the miniatures department. He's held a lot of jobs since then, working up the ladder . . . read article

November 12, 2011:
Picking up some of Paul Chapman's duties will be our new Marketing Director, Monica Valentinelli. Monica is a writer, blogger, and game designer; you can read a lot of what she's done at mlvwrites.com . . . read article

November 13, 2011:
The holidays are nearly upon us, and that means everyone is going to be busier than normal. You've got shopping to do, both for gifts and for that 40-pound turkey you need to find to feed the family (how did you get talked into hosting Thanksgiving?) -- and don't forget the mini-marshmallows for the sweet potatoes! . . . read article

November 14, 2011:
Sure, you can pay for a top-rate education, or for tools that enable you to perform amazing abilities beyond those of your peers. However, you know what you can't buy? . . . read article

November 15, 2011:
I just got home from Hal-Con in Halifax. It was amazing . . . read article

November 16, 2011:
Usually when we mention PAX East, we sadly have to mention that all the tickets have sold out. But registration opened earlier this month, so you've still got a chance to attend! . . . read article

November 17, 2011:
Our primary warehouse in Georgia is now completely out of stock of the original four colors of Cthulhu Dice. If you've been meaning to grab any of the first wave of colors -- see the Cthulhu Dice webpage for the list -- then now is the time because we have no plans to re-release those original colors . . . read article

November 18, 2011:
Are you dying to squish Cthulhu? Want to roll a giant die for your sanity? . . . read article

November 19, 2011:
Back in 2004, a Star Munchkin promo card called Heart of the Anomaly was given away to attendees at Linucon in Austin, Texas. The convention's guest was Wil Wheaton, and the card is more powerful if Wil signs it . . . read article

November 20, 2011:
Our February 2012 release offers you a new way to store your treasures and guard your doors. With braaaaaaaaaaaaiiiinns! Munchkin Zombies Meat Lockers Where do zombies store those tasty, tasty brains? . . . read article

November 21, 2011:
What better way to celebrate the forthcoming holiday season than with lots of toys . . . like all the parts needed to create an unlimited number of deadly lasers? Or an assortment of over two-dozen futuristic guns and heavy weapons? . . . read article

November 22, 2011:
MTV Geek talks about all things geeky: comics, the Web, and (of course!) games. Recently, the Geek's Matt Morgan wrote about Munchkin Axe Cop and showed off five of his favorite cards from the set . . . read article

November 23, 2011:
Renowned fantasy author Anne McCaffrey has died. Best known for her Dragonriders series set on the planet Pern, she wrote many other novels in a career that spanned half a century . . . read article

November 24, 2011:
It's Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. Millions of people are stealing turkey legs, eating mashed potatoes, and sticking a fork into a big slice of pumpkin pie . . . read article

November 25, 2011:
Still celebrating Thanksgiving? Heading out for Black Friday deals? . . . read article

November 26, 2011:
The results of the "Castle Game" name contest are in. I got over 350 replies, many including multiple entries . . . read article

November 27, 2011:
We've been showing off the playtest set at the summer's conventions, but let's make it official: the first expansion for Zombie Dice is coming in 2012, and it's called . . . Zombie Dice 2 - Double Feature. It brings a bit of movie magic to your zombie thriller . . . read article

November 28, 2011:
Thermal underwear, flasks of hot coffee, and comfortable shoes -- all good tools that other folks used to prep themselves for the Black Friday sales. However, I had something that really helped make a difference: highly trained WWII commandos . . . read article

November 29, 2011:
Interviewed at Bubonicon, bestselling author and long-time gamer George R.R. Martin had some nice things to say about GURPS . . . read article

November 30, 2011:
Long ago I had the pleasure of attending a Gaelcon in Dublin. For the 2011 con, which was held at the end of October, Colm Lundberg hit me up for a radio spot . . . read article

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