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November 1, 2015:
As a fan of the toy and game industry, one of my favorite pastimes is digging into the history of toys and games. Over the years, I have read dozens of books and hundreds of articles about the business . . . read article

November 2, 2015:
I got an early peek at the Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition featuring Len Peralta's illustrations and, Wow! It's come a long way since the first sketches we looked at . . . read article

November 3, 2015:
Welcome to the new space for Steve Jackson Games! After the water leak that forced us to move, we took the opportunity to renovate and create some beautiful, open-plan office spaces for our team to work in . . . read article

November 4, 2015:
Our partners at USAopoly have made this holiday season especially festive with the release of Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas! Tim Burton's classic holiday film makes a richly spooky Munchkin experience, and at last count, 17 retailers are already planning in-store events next month on Friday the 13th . . . read article

November 5, 2015:
Gamehole Con is a show for all types of gaming. All types, do you hear me? They expect about a thousand people for 2015 . . . read article

November 6, 2015:
Do you hate disgusting zombies as much as I do? Well, you should! I Hate Zombies is a fast-paced, frantic, and fun card game for 2 to 12 players in which two teams fight to control the world: the filthy, horrible zombies vs. the few surviving humans who are the only hope for humanity . . . read article

November 7, 2015:
I am the new U.S. Sales Manager for Steve Jackson Games . . . read article

November 8, 2015:
Gamehole Con activities, I had the chance to visit the new ACD warehouse here in Madison. And by new, I mean new within the past year and a half, because they outgrew their old one (which was already pretty big) . . . read article

November 9, 2015:
Katie Cook is a relatively new addition to the Munchkin illustration family, but she made a big impression with Munchkin Love Shark Baby, and we knew there had to be more. There will be! . . . read article

November 10, 2015:
When you play Munchkin Oz, do you wish there was even more Oz in it? Sure, you've already got the Emerald City and the Yellow Brick Road and some poor witch done in by a house . . . read article

November 11, 2015:
Want to know more about Munchkin Oz? Check out the Munchkin Oz Designer's Notes written by Munchkin Czar Andrew Hackard . . . read article

November 12, 2015:
USAopoly has shared an awesome behind-the-scenes post on their blog about creating Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas. It talks about some of the nitty-gritty work that goes into writing a Munchkin game and shows off some of the gorgeous card art, too! . . . read article

November 13, 2015:
As we reported last week, 17 of your favorite local game stores are hosting Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas events tonight! Check the store nearest you for details . . . read article

November 14, 2015:
From its beginnings nearly 30 years ago, GURPS changed people's perspectives on what was possible in an RPG. We continue that innovative spirit every month in the pages of Pyramid . . . and this month's issue takes things even further, with Pyramid #3/84: Perspectives! . . . read article

November 15, 2015:
We all need a little entertainment every now and then. For that reason, I'm pointing everyone at the Sriracha documentary . . . read article

November 16, 2015:
Working on the Munchkin Guest Artist Editions has been an absolute joy. Getting to see familiar cards reinterpreted by different artists is a real kick . . . read article

November 17, 2015:
The USAopoly team shared some behind-the-scenes info with Steve Jackson Games on the game development process of Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas, including game creation challenges, favorite game rules, and the importance of working together as a design team. The USAopoly Design Team includes (from left to right): Casey – Game Designer Danny – Head Illustrator Bonnie – Illustrator Kami – Head of Content & Rule Creation SJ Games: What was exciting about designing Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas? Danny: For me the most exciting part of this project was the fact that it was Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas! . . . read article

November 18, 2015:
Every year since 2003 there's been a "Report to the Stakeholders" to tell you how we're doing. 2014 was no different . . . wait, yes, it was different! The 2014 report was not written by me, but by our new CEO, Phil Reed . . . read article

November 19, 2015:
We've recently updated the page for Car Wars: The Card Game, adding some additional resources. You can now find a card list for the Third Edition and a downloadable PDF of the Third Edition rules . . . read article

November 20, 2015:
We're big fans of Gloom, designed by Keith Baker and published by our friends at Atlas Games. It's rare to see a game that combines bloody-minded murder and madcap storytelling so seamlessly, and it's a perfect game for those long winter nights when everything seems bleak and barren . . . read article

November 21, 2015:
In the futuristic world of Transhuman Space, biotechnology changed everything. Information on all aspects of the biotechnological revolution are here at least, within the pages of Transhuman Space: Bio-Tech 2100 . . . read article

November 22, 2015:
Check out this interview with Michael Witwer, the author of Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons and Dragons. What he says about D&D affirms what we knew more generally: games are good, and games with people are better than games with pixels . . . read article

November 23, 2015:
We've been talking for weeks now about next year's lineup of Munchkin Guest Artist Edition games. You still have to wait a little while longer to get your hands on those . . . read article

November 24, 2015:
I'm officially the crazy cat lady in the office. With six cats at home, I am pretty sure I've got everyone else in the building beat when it comes to spending ridiculous amounts of time chasing kitties and loving them . . . read article

November 25, 2015:
FREE SHIPPING for any order of $65 or more (normally $100 minimum) at Warehouse 23: That's right! Starting today, if you buy $65 or more in physical product on Warehouse 23 you receive free FedEx domestic shipping . . . read article

November 26, 2015:
We would like to remind our international customers (and our fellow United States residents who have had more interaction with the Orbital Mind Control Lasers than usual lately) that today is Thanksgiving in the United States. The SJ Games offices, including Warehouse 23, are closed today and tomorrow . . . read article

November 27, 2015:
We are going to make shopping soooo easy for those of you still getting over turkey lag and who have, therefore, not yet left for the mall. Stay right where you are . . . read article

November 28, 2015:
Now that we've all overeaten (trust me, even if you didn't, I ate enough for the two of us) it's officially time for Christmas (or the winter holiday of your choice) (offer not valid in the Southern Hemisphere)! You may now safely display your tree, lights, stockings, and Santa statues without fear of reprisal . . . read article

November 29, 2015:
I sometimes get lost in Bandcamp, clicking around and exploring the site in search of new music. I cannot begin to guess how many times I've looked at the clock at 3 a.m., visited Bandcamp, and then suddenly realized that an hour has vanished from my life . . . read article

November 30, 2015:
At our conventions this summer and fall, our staff wore some snazzy new T-shirts. Many of you lovely fans asked how you could get those shirts for yourself . . . read article

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