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November 24, 2015: Loving The Petcube

Petcube working it's magicI'm officially the crazy cat lady in the office. With six cats at home, I am pretty sure I've got everyone else in the building beat when it comes to spending ridiculous amounts of time chasing kitties and loving them. Unfortunately, I travel so much for work that I sometimes go an entire week without seeing and playing with the kitties.

That would never do, so I recently added a new tool to the toybox. Say hello to the Petcube, a wifi-enabled webcam and laser pointer device that allows me to see -- and play! -- with the kitties when I'm on the road. Motor (pictured), less than two years old and over 15 pounds, loves the laser and has already learned that when the Petcube chimes it's time to play.

Yeah, the future is far stranger than I ever imagined. I may not own a flying car, but the next time I'm on the other side of the world I'll be able to play with my cats . . . and that's a far more relaxing and fulfilling experience than flying around in a car.

-- Phil Reed

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