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November 20, 2015: It's Gonna Be A Gloomy Winter

Munchkin GloomDuck of GloomWe're big fans of Gloom, designed by Keith Baker and published by our friends at Atlas Games. It's rare to see a game that combines bloody-minded murder and madcap storytelling so seamlessly, and it's a perfect game for those long winter nights when everything seems bleak and barren.

In fact, we're such big fans that when they were looking for ways to expand the Gloom franchise, we worked with the Atlas crew on a couple of Munchkin items:

  • Munchkin Gloom crosses the dungeon-delving hilarity of Munchkin with the party-killing, um, hilarity? of Gloom. Whoever can find the most gruesome and depressing way to kill their characters wins the game! Designed by Keith Baker and illustrated by John Kovalic.
  • The Duck of Gloom is an adorable little goth duck plushie. It comes with two cards; one is a regular Munchkin card, and the other is a rare opaque Gloom card that can be used with any flavor of Gloom, including Munchkin Gloom. It also has a zipper compartment for storing your trinkets and baubles. (Yeah, we mean dice.)

If you haven't ever played Gloom, you're missing out. In addition to the original game and Munchkin Gloom, look for Fairy Tale Gloom and Cthulhu Gloom at a store near you!

-- Andrew Hackard

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