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November 21, 2022: Want To Teach Your Friends Munchkin? Tell Them To Watch It Played!

For over a decade now, the Munchkin episode of Wil Wheaton's fabulous Tabletop series has been one of the best introductions to Munchkin. With close to four million views, we know that many of you were first introduced to Munchkin thanks to this video, and we're happy to see it still online and collecting views long after it first hit YouTube.

Earlier this year, the Munchkin gateway grew larger thanks to the release of an official Watch it Played video. The two videos are quite complementary: Show your friends the Tabletop episode and then, if they want to know more, sit them down with a copy of Munchkin Deluxe and the Watch it Played video for a detailed and entertaining point-by-point overview of the game's mechanics. The video does an excellent job of teaching the game, and we hope you will share it with all of your friends.

-- Phil Reed

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