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November 26, 2011: Nameless No Longer: Castellan

CastellanThe results of the "Castle Game" name contest are in. I got over 350 replies, many including multiple entries. They spanned the whole range from Excellent Cleverness to What Is This Guy Smoking And Can We Stand Farther Away? My thanks to everyone who entered. We have successfully crowdsourced a name! Go, us! ALL of us!

It's Castellan. The first person to suggest that name was Derek Richardson of Hero Complex Games, who played at the ACD show; we had that conversation after I'd decided there would be a contest, but before it was announced. The first person to respond in the contest with that name was Chris Dour. So they both will get copies of the game (send me your addresses, please, guys!)

A shout-out to Jeff Raglin and Karl Hiesterman, who made the same suggestion within a few hours, and to the several who suggested Castellan later or used the word as part of a multi-word name.

Castellan piecesHonorable mentions go to Eric Funk, the first to suggest Beaufort (because it was designed by Beau Beckett, of course!) and to Silvano Sorrentino for Tower Grid (if you don't see the awful pun here, play more Eurogames). I'm sending them copies of the game, too, because they made me laugh!

Castellan is "the castle game" no more, and will be released in mid-2012.

-- Steve Jackson

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