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November 29, 2022: Learn Zombie Dice With "Watch It Played!"

First published in 2010, Zombie Dice has been one of our top sellers for well over a decade. The game started out during walks through Madison and went through a number of versions before Steve finalized the design of the game as you know it today. I can still remember one of the earliest playtest sessions where the dice draws were not random; Steve had structured the rules so that each player could select which difficulty of dice to throw on their turn. We soon found that the blind draw, the randomness of chance, made for a far more engaging and exciting experience.

If you have friends who have yet to discover the fun of pushing their luck just a little too far in Zombie Dice, then I highly recommend this tutorial video from Watch It Played! The video breaks down every step of the game and makes it easy to introduce new players to the fun of chasing down and consuming brains.

-- Phil Reed

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