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October 3, 2012: The Ogre Box Is Not Too Big To Lose!

The stupidest news from Ogre Central right now is: Thursday afternoon we could not find either of our big prototype boxes. Did one go to the Alliance show with Randy? Even if it did, what happened to the OTHER one? Cue spooky music. Or maybe cue "derp" music. We wondered if perhaps we couldn't find the box because we were already inside it, but if that's the case we still haven't gotten out.

In other Giant Box news: We may have to add, literally, air holes to keep the lid from pulling a vacuum when you try to remove it.

App Progress

Work on the app continues. All the features are now in. Most of the bugs are out. If the next build fixes all the known bugs, we'll release it as a beta and see what you all say. (This version is for Retina iPhones with 3.5" screens. We'll start coding for the big iPhone 5 at the same time that we start porting to Android and Windows. That is to say, when the iPhone feedback says the app is good.)

Ogre Names

Thanks, everyone, for the Ogre name suggestions. I used one of the early ones: NWO, suggested by Joseph. I should point out that there are already Ogres called BOB (a Vulcan) and FNRD (in the ACD set).


Pix and Video

Look! A box of Ogres! And here are some bags of punched-out mockup counters, along with an unpunched counter sheet. Note that the slots will be punched out in advance; we hope that will make assembly faster. The two pictures together still don't show a complete set of counters, but this is close.

And here's a video of our laser cutter working on a prototype sheet.

-- Steve Jackson

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