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October 11, 2009: Ninja Burger: Secret Ninja Death Touch Edition

You don't see these ninja, nor the tasty burgers they're delivering.

Super-Secret Ninja Detectors have alerted us that the newest edition of Ninja Burger has arrived in our warehouse! Of course, we only detected the delivery, but not the actual ninja. Our detectors are good, but not that good.

The Secret Ninja Death Touch Edition combines the cards from the original edition with the supplement, Sumo-Size Me! Also hidden within the stealthy black box are Honor and money tokens, plus dice designed specifically to *not* be stealthy. Our experiments with stealthy dice were . . . inconclusive. (Which means we couldn't find any of them after we rolled them. -ed)

Ninja Burger will be shipping out from our warehouse next week, and should find its way -- ever so quietly -- to a shelf near you before the end of the month.

-- Paul Chapman

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