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November 11, 2009: Fixing the Lid on the Shark Tank

Shark Tank Lid

We would like to clear up some confusion about the state of our front door. The rumors of several accidental activations of the shark tank are completely unfounded. For that would presume we have sharks, you see, and such an idea is completely insane. We would have to keep them fed! And a shark can eat something like two or three unwanted solicitors a day. Um, hypothetically.

The construction you see here is . . . cosmetic. We're just prettying up the place. You should feel perfectly safe entering our office via the front door.

(Oh, and for the nay-sayers* out there: You've heard of sand sharks, right? That's right -- with lasers!)

-- Paul Chapman

*Also for the nay-sayers: Seven birds in two days is completely reasonable, as long as we all work together.


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