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October 27, 2006: Ultra-Tech

The new edition of GURPS Ultra-Tech is supposed to go to the printers Friday, and frankly, it doesn't look like it will make it, but the delay won't be huge. This is supposd to be a January release . . . okay, at this rate, late January, but still January.

We've been engaged in text cleanup for the past couple of weeks, and in a 240-page book full of gadgets, vehicle designs, and Cool Techie Stuff, there's a lot of detail to make consistent. Big thanks to Nikola Vrtis, who not only caught a lot of things in the process of creating the index and marking the cross-references, but suggested many good fixes. And more thanks to author David Pulver and line editor Sean Punch, for quick and useful responses to a hundred or so instances of "Huh?" all coming at once.
-- Steve Jackson

PS: Seeking Kenneth Peters

Steve Jackson Games is about to owe GURPS Ultra-Tech co-author Kenneth Peters some money and some comp copies! However, his last known e-mail address is now bouncing. If you are Kenneth, please get in touch with us! If you know Kenneth and have been in touch with him over the past month or so, then we would appreciate it if you could either let him know that SJ Games is looking for him or share his current e-mail address with us (tz . . . 66@ea . . . .net is the address that bounces, so if that's the only one you have, you can't help us).
-- Sean Punch

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