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October 31, 2006: GURPS Lite, In Italian!

What do Korean, Interlingua, Lithuanian, and now Italian have in common? That's right -- GURPS Lite for Fourth Edition has been translated into all four! What, this entry's title wasn't a big enough clue?

Just in time for SJ's trip to Lucca, we've got the Italian GURPS Lite 4e version 0.9 posted on e23. There are still some tweaks to be made -- for one, we need to add a few names to the "provided lots of translating help" list:

Pier Luigi Rocco
Mario Tani
Fabio Milito Pagliara
Marco De Stefani
Alessandro Noviello
Paolo Barberis
Ambrogio Di Renzo
Andrea Minini Saldini

Thanks folks!

Despite the last few details we need to fix, we're happy to bring another language into the fold, and especially now, while SJ is getting to see beautiful Italy first-hand.

So if you're in Lucca this weekend, stop over to Lucca Comics and Games Convention and remind SJ to get pictures of something other than booth babes!
-- Paul Chapman

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