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October 29, 2013: Tricks! (And Treats)

Little Ghouls

In just two days, hundreds -- nay, thousands -- of little ghouls will come to your door, screaming for your life's bloo--er, candy. But between assaults on your sanctum, what will you do? How will you stave off the boredom and terror? Well, you could play Cthulhu Dice in a vain attempt to placate the Great Old Ones. You could try to blend in with them by playing Zombie Dice or Zombie Dice Deluxe. You could even go on a bloody rampage of violence and greed with Munchkin Cthulhu, Munchkin Zombies, or Munchkin Bites! So many choices, so little mind-numbing horror to stave off.

-- Brian Engard

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