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September 3, 2006: Munchkin Online? Maybe, If You Vote TODAY!

Munchkin has made it to the finals of the German Boardgame Championship 2007, run by the Spielezentrum (Games Centre) in the card game category. If Munchkin wins, a free online version will be available at BrettspielWelt (Boardgame World) as part of the championship.

The programmers at Brettspielwelt (who also created the Settlers of Catan online version) will code Munchkin Online . . . if it wins!

How to support the Munchkinism: Go to the voting site and fill out the form. For those who don't read German: Enter your last name in the "Name" field. Enter your first name in the "Vorname" field, the street number in the "Strasse" field, the city, state, and zip in the "PLZ, Ort" field, your phone number and e-mail address in the "Telefon" and "EMail" fields, and your age in the "Alter" field. (If you're concerned about privacy: Only the Name fields and the e-mail field are required.)

Then choose the game you like best in the categories K1-3 and, most important, make sure you select Munchkin in the K4 category, which is the card games category. You may add a comment in the comments field, and then (VERY important!) click the "Abschicken" (Send) button to make sure your vote counted.

We'd like to win this . . . and campaigning for votes is perfectly legal (but please vote only once), so being Munchkins, we are asking for your vote. Please note that the voting ends today, German time, which means Sunday afternoon Texas time. If you're going to do it, do it NOW!
-- Steve Jackson

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