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September 6, 2014: FenCon In Dallas

I'll be the Special Gaming Guest at FenCon XI, to be held in Dallas on September 26-28. Other guests will include Eric Flint, Rich Sternbach, Timothy Zahn, and Ookla the Mok. My inner geek is quivering with anticipation, the more so since I picked up a stack of Flint's 1632 alternate-history books last month. I have read them all; I now require another stack.

The FenCon program book traditionally includes contributions from all the guests. I puzzled for a while about what I could do, and settled on (duh!) some game rules. Specifically, a possible rules tweak for Castellan and two new castle parts. I've made some mockups that we can use to playtest there. Will there be an actual supplement for Castellan? Maybe. And if these ideas work out in play but a physical supplement can't make it onto the schedule, we can always do a PDF in Warehouse 23. Heck, in a very few years most of you will have access to a 3-D printer and will be able to make your own game parts.

FenCon designates a specific charity every year and raises donations through the auction and special events. This year's charity is the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County.

-- Steve Jackson

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