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September 8, 2014: Celebrate A Decade Of GURPS Greatness . . . With Pyramid!

Pyramid #3/70: Fourth Edition Festival

GURPS Fourth Edition is 10 years old! In some ways it still feels as fresh and cool as when it came out . . . and in other ways, it's even cooler. We celebrate this milestone with Pyramid #3/70: Fourth Edition Festival. This star-studded issue looks at classic GURPS supplements through the eyes of more-modern projects.

David L. Pulver takes you on a tour of Abydos -- City of the Dead -- with new ideas for using it with GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, GURPS Mass Combat, and more. Add elemental xia champions and new shenguai monsters to your GURPS Monster Hunters campaign, thanks to Jason "PK" Levine. Expand GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 1: Mirror of the Fire Demon with new wilderness-adventure encounters and loadouts from that adventure's author, Matt Riggsby.

But that's not all! This issue also has 10 of GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch's favorite rules and additions to the rules over the past decade, William H. Stoddard's look at swashbuckling France through the eyes of GURPS Social Engineering, and still more!

Ten years into Fourth Edition, and GURPS keeps on letting you play anything you want, in any world you can imagine . . . and Pyramid continues helping you every month. Pick up this celebratory shindig individually or subscribe today and get this issue along with more months of GURPS-y reasons to party!

-- Steven Marsh

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