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September 9, 2007: A Very Illuminated Fourth Quarter

The title's not particularly punchy, but everything will be happening too early to say "A Very Illuminated Holiday," or even "A Very Illuminated Thanksgiving."

What's all the Illumination about? Well, Deluxe Illuminati has returned to print after a brief absence, and should be shipping out of our warehouse next week. Additionally, Illuminati Y2K is at the printer, and will be returning to store shelves in October.

But the big news, as you may have guessed by the image, is Bavarian Fire Drill. This long-awaited expansion to Deluxe Illuminati is not only at the printer, we've got proof, in the form of . . . er, proofs.

No, technically, it isn't necessary to glue the box proofs together to check them, but it was Arts 'n Crafts Day, so we figured "what the heck."
-- Paul Chapman

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