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September 18, 2012: Transforming Collections On Kickstarter

I've been using www.battlegrip.com as a way to unwind and play with toys for a few years now. I post reviews, news, and various thoughts on toys and the toy industry at the site almost daily . . . but now I'm looking to try something a little different.

Transforming Collections is my personal Kickstarter project designed around introducing transforming robot fans to the various unofficial Transformers toys and accessories that are being released these days. I often have friends at my house who see a toy or two on my shelves that they don't recognize, and after months of having the same conversation about these toys I've decided that it's time for a book on my shelf so that I can hand it to someone and cut out several moments of arm flailing and excited chatter. 

The Kickstarter project met its goal within a few days of launching and now we're working toward stretch goals. If you're at all a fan of transforming robot toys please take a look at the project and consider supporting my efforts. I really want to unlock the stretch goal where the book is upgraded to hardcover. Why? Because I want this in hardcover on my shelf!

-- Phil Reed

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