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September 20, 2012: Goodnight, And Have A Pleasant Tomorrow

It is with a great deal of sadness that I, former Munchkin Hireling and current Warehouse 23 Customer Service Guru, say goodbye to Steve Jackson Games and all of you wonderful gamers and Warehouse 23 customers. I've enjoyed my two years here, demoing games, answering your emails, and chatting and gaming with y'all at PAX and Gen Con (we'll always have the capsule machine, Gen Con folks).

However, I am relocating from Austin and will no longer be here as of September 21, 2012. Until I leave, if I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me at angie@sjgames.com. And remember, you can always e-mail info@sjgames.com if you have general inquiries, or orders@warehouse23.com for Warehouse 23 orders.


-- Angie Kreuser

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