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September 1, 2014:
Including the Warehouse 23 exclusive packs, there have now been over two dozen Munchkin booster packs released since 2009. These packs have proven popular with Munchkin players, with each pack offering a chance to introduce something a little different and fun to the Munchkin game . . . read article

September 2, 2014:
It's amazing that 10 years have passed since Sean and I put together GURPS Fourth Edition. It was a privilege to co-author it, and the special glee of seeing my own campaign's house rules become part of GURPS hasn't worn off! . . . read article

September 3, 2014:
LEGO has reworked their crowdsourcing site. Its new name is LEGO Ideas . . . read article

September 4, 2014:
For a little while, at least. We found a few of these in a box in Warehouse 23, and we've added them back into inventory so you can have them! . . . read article

September 5, 2014:
Hello, retailers! Ross and I are joining our partners at Lion Rampant on September 12, 2014 for their annual open house . . . read article

September 6, 2014:
I'll be the Special Gaming Guest at FenCon XI, to be held in Dallas on September 26-28. Other guests will include Eric Flint, Rich Sternbach, Timothy Zahn, and Ookla the Mok . . . read article

September 7, 2014:
Five, seven, then five syllables mark a haiku. Remarkable oaf." Hi, my name is Josh . . . read article

September 8, 2014:
GURPS Fourth Edition is 10 years old! In some ways it still feels as fresh and cool as when it came out . . . and in other ways, it's even cooler . . . read article

September 9, 2014:
Ten years ago, I was about to make a huge career change. Coincidentally, GURPS was about to make a huge edition change . . . read article

September 10, 2014:
Slow lanes would change the Internet and free speech forever." -- battleforthenet.com You may have noticed something different about our site today. We added fake load screens and icons as an example of the Internet without net neutrality . . . read article

September 11, 2014:
ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is serious business. Go read this explanation of what it is and why we need to do research on it, and then come back . . . read article

September 12, 2014:
Randy Scheunemann and I are going to be attending PAX Australia, October 31 through November 2 in Melbourne. This will be my first visit to Australia, and I am really excited about the trip (even though it does mean missing our office Halloween game day) . . . read article

September 13, 2014:
Don't panic! Stock's a little low right now, so you might have some issues finding a copy of Munchkin Quest at the moment, but we do have more coming, and they'll be going out to your FLGS when we get them . . . read article

September 14, 2014:
A steampunk convention! Or "retro-futuristic," if you prefer . . . read article

September 15, 2014:
Check out the cool stuff that's coming in January of 2015! Munchkin Love Shark Baby Here's a little something for that special munchkin in your life! More monsters to slay, more treasures to steal, more curses to dodge . . . all in the name of True Love . . . read article

September 16, 2014:
Not to go all hipster, but I was into GURPS Fourth Edition before it even existed. As part of the Fourth Edition playtest, I remember the thrill of opening those secret files and poring over the new features and innovations . . . read article

September 17, 2014:
Rory's Story Cubes are spiffy little sets of nine dice meant to spark storytelling. Each die is different, and each die has different images on each face . . . roll the dice and try to weave all the elements into the story . . . read article

September 18, 2014:
Are you still playing Munchkin Zombies without any of the expansions? Wow, um . . . well, now's your chance to grab a special edition of Munchkin Zombies 2! . . . read article

September 19, 2014:
Today is the day we all celebrate by talkin' like a scurvey pirate, goin' on about walkin' o' planks and hoistin' o' petards and kickin' o' doors.  I may be a wee bit confused about what this holiday actually is. At any rate, we're having a sale! . . . read article

September 20, 2014:
Women are an important part of the game industry, but they're a part of the industry that has, historically, not had as loud a voice as that of men. Women face challenges that men don't, even though the stuff they do for gaming is just as awesome as the stuff that men do . . . read article

September 21, 2014:
Visit our booth at Nashville Comic Con next weekend and play games with us! Play the upcoming Munchkin Panic with Kali and Rhea on Friday, 9/26 at 3pm! . . . read article

September 22, 2014:
Our intrepid COO, Phil Reed, was at Walmart buying kitchen utensils and jars of mayo (okay, let's be honest; he was there buying toys) when he spotted this shiny gold box on the shelf! Let's break this down for a second, because spotting Munchkin in Walmart is really cool for a couple of reasons . . . read article

September 23, 2014:
I've often contended that GURPS Fourth Edition is giving us the finest GURPS material ever, and not just because I'm getting royalties. GURPS has long been my go-to system for ease and flexibility, but Fourth Edition is notable for an editorial direction which looks past the specific needs of any rule and into general cases. That can make GURPS hard to write for, if you're someone who likes hacking rules . . . read article

September 24, 2014:
Munchkin is a great game, and we're really excited about how many people like it. We noticed a while back that there was an audience that didn't have a Munchkin game all their own, though: kids! . . . read article

September 25, 2014:
Today, I'll be visiting the ThinkGeek offices to tour the place and then play games with a bunch of the staff. I sure hope I get to meet Timmy! . . . read article

September 26, 2014:
Are you planning on going out to Toys 'R' Us to buy our new game, Munchkin Treasure Hunt? Save your receipt! . . . read article

September 27, 2014:
Space -- the infinite frontier. Can't get there from here . . . unless you have a spaceship! . . . read article

September 28, 2014:
Have you ever wanted to run a GURPS game but were daunted at the prospect? So many wonderful options, exciting decisions, and worlds of possibilities -- how do you start? . . . read article

September 29, 2014:
Visit our booth at Austin Comic Con next weekend and play games with us! Play the upcoming Munchkin Panic with Max on Thursday, 10/2 at 6pm! . . . read article

September 30, 2014:
My first book for Steve Jackson Games, GURPS Steampunk, was a genre book – a guide to running games in a fictional genre. GURPS Fourth Edition gave me the opportunity to write more genre books: new editions of GURPS Fantasy and GURPS Supers designed for the revised game mechanics. Writing them gave me a fuller understanding of the new system, and in particular of the mechanics in GURPS Powers . . . read article

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