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September 29, 2007: Vote For John Nephew

If you live in Maplewood, Minnesota, that is.

John Nephew, president of Atlas Games, is running for the City Council of his community. He just passed the primary with flying colors and now has a very good shot at winning the general election, though, as you can see from his blog, he's not taking anything for granted.

John got a lot of support, including actual campaign contributions, from his friends in the industry . . . and he has a LOT of friends among the people who are technically his competitors, because he's that kind of guy. I hope he gets elected. He's smart, hard-working, and a genuinely nice person. That's a rare combination, and if he wins, we should all hope that the demands of public service don't make him crazy.

And, as a small personal snark: I've thought for years, as I read the laws that our various governments pass, that they should bring in some game designers to check them out beforehand. I mean, anyone who wrote rules as vague and leaky as the average American law would be bankrupt in a year. I'm just saying.

Go John!
-- Steve Jackson

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