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April 1, 2022: Help Us Clear Inventory During Our PDF Sale!

Steve Jackson Games has a long history and a large catalog of games, especially in the digital realm. We thought this realm was infinite, but it turns out that each individual PDF is taking up valuable bytes on something called the Information Superhighway and thus causing traffic jams. But we have a solution! Today, ONE DAY ONLY, we're clearing out our backlog of PDFs. Looking for a GURPS module from 2003? Discounted. Maybe a Pyramid issue from 1997? Slashed. We have to move these digital files, people! Check out the games you can get a deal on: 
  • Pyramid PDFs 
  • In Nomine PDFs 
  • Car Wars PDFs 
  • Ogre PDFs 

Every PDF deserves a good home! The Recycle Bin on our desktop is already full and we don't know where else we could put them. Our e-loss is your e-gain, so get over to Warehouse 23 and save some of your favorite PDFs from the digital wasteland! The sale ends at midnight tonight. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

PDF Sale

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