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April 6, 2013: A New Hireling Has Arrived! Four Months Ago . . .

[Image]I'm Keith Blackard, the (not so) new Munchkin Hireling. (We wanted to make sure he'd survive. -Lenny) As you probably already know, Lenny is still with us as the Munchkin Baron. I hope to have a royal-sounding title one day, myself.

I grew up surrounded by computer hardware, books, and shelves of science fiction. One day, after successfully looting the (computer) room, I found myself in possession of Illuminati, Ogre Pocket Edition, D&D books, and Magic cards. It didn't take long for me to be waist deep in games of all kinds and exploring the world of programming.

I've done quite a few playtests for SJ Games products, so I knew Andrew a year and change before I was hired. One night, after one such playtest, I was able to talk casually with Andrew about my general enthusiasm for all things Munchkin. He mentioned that a new position had recently opened up. I was a bit stunned when I heard the words, "And why haven't you applied?" from the Czar himself and decided to take his advice.

A week later, I was up to my head in treasure that needed polishing. They didn't tell me about that part. Or about having to move dead monster corpses. Or about the miles of walking through dungeons.

So, if you see me at a convention and I look tired, you'll know why.

--Keith Blackard

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