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April 30, 2013: Without Form, And Void

My October 26, 2012 Daily Illuminator told how we had supported the Form 1 project on Kickstarter. It appears that no, we didn't do that after all. This is in no way the fault of Formlabs, and I'm not even going to blame Kickstarter. My best guess is that I failed to hit a "confirm" during the payment process, or something of the sort. I know I tried to support the Form 1, and thought I had. But we're not shown as a supporter, and when I quizzed our business office, they had no record of a charge coming through on our card.

I share this, both as a cautionary tale (When I support a project, I will never again fail to go right back to the project page and make sure it now says "You're a backer") and to explain why you won't be seeing any interesting 3D models from us in the next couple of months. We definitely want to get a 3D printer eventually, and the Form 1 remains a strong candidate, but at this point we'll let them ship, let the bugs shake out, and see what we hear from the people who did successfully support it.

-- Steve Jackson

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