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April 8, 2022: When It Comes To Dice And Dice Bags, "Colors May Vary"

Now that we're entering second (and sometimes third!) printings on a handful of our dice and dice bag designs, it's time to point out the "colors may vary" language we've used with several of the dice and dice bags we've released over the last few years. When working on a reprint, we sometimes tweak the colors  and, at times, actual artwork designs  of the dice and dice bags so that the newer printings bring something fresh to the table. These reprints often use the same stock number as the earlier printings, which means that the best way to actively select your colors is to buy at your local game store. When you order our dice and dice bags online, the item delivered may not exactly match the image the sales site is displaying.

In many cases, these variations are minor. Occasionally, we make a fairly dramatic change (such as with the Cthulhu Dice Bag, where the second printing is both a different color and features different artwork than the first printing).

You can find our different dice and dice bags at our online store, Warehouse 23, but please keep in mind that colors may vary.

-- Phil Reed

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