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April 10, 2023: CARnage Printable Cars And Weapons Available On Warehouse 23, Plus Tiny Cars!

Our CARnage Kickstarter launched at the end of last year and was a runaway success; backers unlocked over two dozen stretch goals! We ended up with a huge variety of 3-D printable STL files for cars, weapons, and accessories to customize your Car Wars Sixth Edition games.

For me, an unexpected standout was the addition of tiny cars – we discovered after the campaign that when the sculpts are printed at 33% scale, they fit perfectly onto the chits from classic Car Wars! Playing with models breathes new life into an old favorite.

Car Wars Classic setup using Miniatures

Because they're so small, you can print a lot of these fast. And they're wickedly fun to paint, if you can resist the urge to eat them! Or maybe that's just me . . . mmm, forbidden jelly beans. If you're curious about how I painted the cars in the photo, check out the process video I created while I was working on the green car. (You can find it on our TikTok page.)

@stevejacksongames Painting up a #carwars mini at classic scale! Are y'all interested in seeing more hobbying videos? #minipainting #gaslands #armypainter #3dprinted #stl #carwarscarnage #autoduel #boardgames ♬ Retro / Synth Wave_No385 - table_1

Kickstarter fulfillment has been completed through BackerKit; if you supported the project, you can find the tiny cars with your other campaign rewards there. I'm really excited to see what deadly creations Autoduel enthusiasts will come up with using these files. And if you missed the Kickstarter, don't worry! STLs for all of the glorious cars, guns, and arena accessories from CARnage are also available for purchase on Warehouse 23.

-- Irene Zielinski

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