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April 12, 2013: Exclusivity: It's Not For Everyone

Over the last few years we have seen hobby game publishers and distributors signing exclusivity deals. Alliance has signed Z-Man Games, Cryptozoic Entertainment, and Mayfair Games, while ACD has signed Playroom EntertainmentQueen Games, Game Salute, and Swan Panasia. We wish all of them luck, but when it comes to signing a exclusive deal with any distributor, SJ Games has to say "No." We're much happier working with everyone -- Ross, I know, loves to talk with all of the distributors out there and would be sad if he didn't spend hours on the phone every week -- and we have no plans to enter into an exclusive distribution deal. Nobody's even asked for one in a while, because they know by now that we aren't going to grant it.

What we have been doing, though, and will continue to do when it's right for our games, is limited-time or unique-collectible exclusive releases. Munchkin Holiday Surprise, for example, is currently an exclusive with Barnes & Noble, but that exclusivity period ends in a few months . . . starting in June all of our distributors and retailers will be able to get it. Appearing now in Barnes & Noble is Munchkin Game Changers, a new Munchkin expansion that collects earlier boosters. It will be exclusive to B&N until 2014; then it will be non-exclusive.

Likewise, Ogre supporters on Kickstarter had the opportunity to sponsor unique counter sheets, either to include in the game or to sell as their own exclusives.

In the works now is an exclusive-color opportunity for an unannounced Zombie Dice accessory that we may or may not have leaked on Twitter. If you're a game distributor, a financially solvent government, or a global conspiracy and you'd like a unique item for your shelves or doomsday bunkers, contact Ross Jepson (sales@sjgames.com) before April 30.

-- Phil Reed

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