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April 16, 2017: SJ Games On Social Media!

It is me, your friendly neighborhood community manager, here to remind you that in addition to the Daily Illuminator (the longest-running daily blog on the internet), we have a few other social-media channels for you to peruse! But why should you follow us there if you already visit our website and forums? Why, I'm glad you asked! 

Where we only get one post a day on a blog, we're free to share much more daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That means announcements for new games, sneak previews of upcoming stuff, or even sharing interesting happenings around the office. And contests, of course! We have a large supply of prizes just looking for homes, and I give them away often. Plus, if you share pictures playing our games with the hashtag #PlayMunchkin, you're eligible for weekly drawings! 

So follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with everything happening here at SJ Games. Who knows, maybe you'll win something, too! 

Social Media

-- Hunter Shelburne

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