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April 1, 2016:
We are excited to announce the newest addition to our illustrious Guest Artist Edition series: Munchkin Sketch Edition Guest Artist Edition! We took the customization potential of Munchkin Sketch Edition, and combined it with the raw artistic might of our coveted Guest Artist Edition illustrators to create the ultimate blank card experience . . . read article

April 2, 2016:
I had been waiting with great anticipation to play Simon's Cat Card Game and was so excited to get the opportunity! Simon's Cat is a fast-paced game filled with purr-fect imagery. The object of the game is to be the one who doesn't get blamed for causing a mess by matching colors and numbers . . . read article

April 3, 2016:
The Ace of Geeks blog wrote an interesting piece linking a few different topics and companies, including SJ Games, to The Principia Discordia, a highly influential counter culture publication from the 1960's . . . read article

April 4, 2016:
April is the month of showers, so we're showering people with contests! Starting today, we'll be giving away a copy of Ian McGinty's Munchkin Guest Artist Edition on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday . . . read article

April 5, 2016:
The dust from the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas has settled, and it was a veritable whirlwind of activity from Steve Jackson Games! We had a bevy of new titles to announce, including our Munchkin Meeples, which several lucky attendees walked away with! . . . read article

April 6, 2016:
Fans of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy love taking their heroes to new and unexpected realms. Yet sometimes we go to even bolder territories with Dungeon Fantasy itself, pushing the envelope in strange, exciting new ways . . . read article

April 7, 2016:
The away team is . . . well, away, and ready to set up camp at Emerald City Comicon! Come by our booth in the gaming area (SH1) and demo some games with our awesome event staff . . . read article

April 8, 2016:
Gamers assemble! It's time to preorder Munchkin: Marvel Edition! . . . read article

April 9, 2016:
Ogre fans, this is for you. Now on the forums at http://forums.sjgames.com/showthread.php?p=1996605#post1996605 is a 12-page PDF with all art corrections, many text corrections resulting from your comments on the last version, and a more compact layout . . . read article

April 10, 2016:
Love collecting rare cards but sometimes too tired to go search for them yourself? We did the hunting for you! . . . read article

April 11, 2016:
Grab your loaded d20 and equip your greatest goblin grinding garb for Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition! Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition collects classic tabletop classes and factions, like the Witch, Alchemist, or Red Mantis Assassin, and throws them into a perilous adventure with hordes of goblins and other monster mockeries. Shane White takes Munchkin Pathfinder to new humorous heights with his own fantasy style . . . read article

April 12, 2016:
This week, we're hosting Director of Sales Ross Jepson, U.S. Sales Manager Amber Cook, and our Vendor Liaison at PSI, Anita Lupp . . . read article

April 13, 2016:
There's a reason that the post-apocalyptic wasteland has always held a special place in gamers' hearts. In a way, it's the ultimate combination of freedom and danger -- a world in which everything is trying to kill you, yet where you have the chance not just to survive but to thrive . . . read article

April 14, 2016:
In the April 2016 issue of Game Trade Magazine, game designer Randy Scheunemann explains the thought process and all the work it took to make the Simon's Cat Card Game. Randy talks about the development of the game, and how the team overcame certain difficulties (like Steve Jackson Games' headquarters going underwater) . . . read article

April 15, 2016:
We're kicking Summer off with a bang . . . actually, that may have been an artillery shell. Either way, things are heating up with these new releases!  Ogre: Objective 218 Experience the gritty, futuristic warfare of Ogre in under 30 minutes! Ogre: Objective 218 takes the classic game Battle for Hill 218 from Your Move Games to the world of Ogre, with opposing forces battling for control of The Crater . . . read article

April 16, 2016:
As a kid, I read all of the Wizard of Oz books the local library had while I was home from school with the chicken pox. The books have a special place in my heart, so I was excited to play a Wizard of Oz version of Munchkin. Munchkin Oz is a wonderful version of the classic game Munchkin, made with the fans of L . . . read article

April 17, 2016:
We finally seem to be getting over the plague that swept through the office. Phil and Sam were both knocked down for a couple of weeks; various other people caught the fringes of it and were out for shorter stretches . . . read article

April 18, 2016:
It's been over 15 years since we published Chez Geek, and we're happy to report that it's remained a strong and consistent part of the Steve Jackson Games lineup. When I first started working on the game a few years ago, I was struck by how much of the content still rang true to my life experience - maybe a bit too close to home in some cases! . . . read article

April 19, 2016:
On your way to your local vinyl shop to get the latest Bathtub Drain artisan LP (you haven't heard of them yet?), be sure to stop by your friendly local game store to pick up Hipster Dice and Munchkin Hipsters. Both are fun to play at your local coffee shop while you and your friends sip on your French pressed brews with a pat of butter on top . . . read article

April 20, 2016:
Some of you remember when Irregular Webcomic! ran in Pyramid. Some of you are fans of the strip already (he's been doing it for 13 years now!) . . . read article

April 21, 2016:
We're coming for you, Boston! Our demo team will be at PAX East starting Friday, April 22nd through Sunday, April 24th, ready to teach you our newest games, along with the most anticipated upcoming releases . . . read article

April 22, 2016:
Our Warehouse 23 staff has tabulated and toiled to compile the of the top 10 games and supplements in sales for March! We are excited to see the Munchkin promotional cards are still number one from February, while The Munchkin Blank Cards came out of nowhere and snagged the number five spot comfortably . . . read article

April 23, 2016:
I was recently lucky enough to spend time in Seattle -- one of my favorite cities to visit -- for Emerald City Comicon, a great gathering of general geekiness and gaming! There were celebrity sightings, singing silly songs, artists of all kinds drawing their hearts out, and crazy cool cosplayers everywhere . . . read article

April 24, 2016:
Never know what to play? Pyramid Arcade is a complete boxed set of 22 of the best games using Looney Labs' iconic Pyramids! Whether you're looking for a time-killer or a brain-burner, you'll never worry about being bored with this set. Pyramid Arcade comes with a deck of Arcade Cards which depict each of the 22 games with impeccable graphic design . . . read article

April 25, 2016:
May is National Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition Month! What's that? . . . read article

April 26, 2016:
It's a horde of mythical beasts, mixed up monsters, zombies, and . . . princesses? Check out the coming attractions from Steve Jackson Games in July! Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition Katie Cook has gotten her hands on Munchkin Cthulhu, and the cutening has begun! . . . read article

April 27, 2016:
It's new comic Wednesday, and that means a new issue of Munchkin comics from BOOM! Studios! Munchkin #16 is out at your friendly local comic store, and contains two hilarious stories. "Dungeon Crawl Classic," pits Flower, Spyke, and a mysterious third companion against competing bands of late-night dungeon looters . . . read article

April 28, 2016:
Barnes & Noble has partnered with a number of publishers, ourselves included, to host Barnes & Noble Game Night on Saturday, April 30th! Not only that, but they've expanded it to every one of their 640 stores . . . read article

April 29, 2016:
Do you like free things? Do you like Chez Geek and Munchkin? . . . read article

April 30, 2016:
Actor Thomas Middleditch plays a nerd on HBO's Silicon Valley, but apparently he's actually very cool in real life: he plays GURPS. The actor talked about his favorite RPG on Late Night with Stephen Colbert . . . read article

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