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April 24, 2016: Crowdfunding Focus: Pyramid Arcade - 90 Pyramids, 22 Games, Endless Fun!

Pyramid Arcade Crowdfunding Focus Never know what to play? Pyramid Arcade is a complete boxed set of 22 of the best games using Looney Labs' iconic Pyramids! Whether you're looking for a time-killer or a brain-burner, you'll never worry about being bored with this set. Pyramid Arcade comes with a deck of Arcade Cards which depict each of the 22 games with impeccable graphic design. This helps you decide which game to play, how long it will take, what the difficulty is, the player count, and which components you need to use. I am a fan of the art style for Pyramid Arcade. It is simultaneously fresh, retro, and easy to read.

The Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter ends on May 4, 2016, so you have a little more time to back!

-- Veronica Leon

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