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April 23, 2016: Emerald City Comicon Wrap-Up

Munchkin Guest Artists Munchkin Guest Artists

I was recently lucky enough to spend time in Seattle -- one of my favorite cities to visit -- for Emerald City Comicon, a great gathering of general geekiness and gaming! There were celebrity sightings, singing silly songs, artists of all kinds drawing their hearts out, and crazy cool cosplayers everywhere.

A couple of our guest artists, Ian McGinty (Munchkin Knights, Moop's Monster Mashup) and Katie Cook (Munchkin Kittens, Munchkin Puppies), took a break from Artist's Alley to come to our booth at the Sheraton to sign autographs and chat up fans, and we even had an impromptu visit from Munchkin Steampunk illustrator Phil Foglio!

Andrew Wolf, from our partner USAopoly, was demoing the new Munchkin: Marvel Edition to an excited stream of visitors while Guy Himber and I, along with some fantastic members of our MIB Demo Team, were showing off some of our latest creations such as Simon's Cat Card Game, Ogre: Objective 218, I Hate Zombies, and Bill & Ted's Excellent Board Game.

If you want in on the fun, our next stop is at PAX East in Boston this weekend. Come find us and play some games!

-- Andreas Stein

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