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April 29, 2022: FnordCon 5 Sale On Warehouse 23

Today marks the opening of FnordCon 5, our first in-person FnordCon in over 2 years! While we're enjoying the convention, we know a lot of folks can't be here in person, but we wanted to give you the feeling of the convention floor deals with a Warehouse 23 sale. And of course, there's SWAG!

(If you're close to Austin, there's still time to drop by the convention!)
This sale includes select items from our catalog, including special savings on several gaming zines in PDF:
Click through to the sale to see the deals!

The Free Stuff!

(It's cumulative, so if you spend $125 or more on physical items, you'll get it all!)
*Total of order (for physical items) before taxes, shipping, and all other fees.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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