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August 1, 2004: I Am Such An Idiot

The one and only guest artist for Munchkin Blender is Aeire, creator of Queen of Wands. The Munchkin Blender set includes the credit very prominently. And GETS THE URL WRONG. Aieeee. This would be completely the fault of the guy who wrote that copy, which is to say ME. Whimper. Apologies.

That should be www.queenofwands.net, not .com. If you don't have Blender yet, save yourself some time, click on the link and look at the comic NOW, and leave me to my embarrassment.

Fortunately it's on the card list, which is the easiest component to fix. Thanks for small blessings.
-- Steve "Too Dumb To Be Let Out Alone" Jackson

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