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August 26, 2004: The Niftiness Will Proceed . . .

But without SJ Games, for the moment. The "Get Nifty" game, based on one of my very favorite webcomics, is off our schedule.

How come? Well, as development proceeded, we continued to find situations where the game worked pretty much the way the designer wanted . . . and his testers liked the game . . . but our own testers kept suggesting significant changes. We went back and forth, because we all wanted to do this project! And in the end, the conclusion was that neither of us wanted to force big changes on the other party, and making halfway changes would please nobody. This is NOT to say "We don't like it." This is to say "Our fans expect certain things from a SJ Games product, and this is not the year to go out on a limb." So we're staying friends and letting the project proceed without SJ Games.

Rob Balder (go now and marvel at his comic at partiallyclips.com), creator of Get Nifty! , intends to proceed with the project, and he has my blessing and all the notes and comments we made during our development process, for whatever use he may put them to. I'm rooting for him.

And Pete and I DO want to do a game together someday. It just won't be this one.
-- Steve Jackson

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