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August 31, 2004: Lookalikes Found!

Back in April, we posted a Iconic Lookalike Contest, in a brave attempt to find the parachronic agents filtering through our timeline. And now, we can finally reveal the Truth!

Dai Blackthorn is actually Timothy Heater, Iotha operates under the name Jay Ragan, Professor William Headley is known in our world as Phil Masters (the Hellboy connection should have been a tip-off), and Louis d'Antares uses the name "Matt Ragan." Unfortunately, C-31 seems to have devolved into a Lego construct owned by Tim Emrick.

As for Sora and Xing La, their aliases are still unknown. And maybe, for now, that's for the best....

(Thanks to everybody who played along, and we'll be contacting the winners shortly to verify addresses and such.)

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