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August 6, 2018: The Fantasy Trip Update

With two weeks down and less than three weeks to go before the project closes, we're happy to report that The Fantasy Trip continues to unlock stretch goal after stretch goal on Kickstarter. Over 2,000 project supporters have broken through over two dozen stretch goals, and at the moment, that Legacy Edition box is loaded! In addition to Melee, Wizard, In the Labyrinth, and the Tollenkar's Lair adventure, we are also adding to the box:

  • The Death Test and Death Test 2 solitaire adventures
  • A three-panel GM screen
  • Four sheets of die-cut megahexes
  • A pad of Melee and a pad of Wizard character sheets

That's a lot of dungeon adventuring in a single box, and we're planning to add even more to the project as stretch goals are met. Please take a look at the Kickstarter page today, and don't miss the articles posted at the official thefantasytrip.game website.

-- Phil Reed

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