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August 7, 2014: Zombies Spotted In Walmart!

Zombie Dice at Walmart!

Zombie Dice kinda took us by surprise. Yeah, we thought we were making something pretty cool, but we had no idea that it was going to explode the way it did. Case in point: you can now walk into a Walmart and buy a copy of Zombie Dice right off the shelves.

The fact that the game has gotten that kind of mainstream appeal is, frankly, flabbergasting. In a good way. It means that even more people will be out there, eating delicious brains and being shotgunned in the face with their friends. And that's awesome. So yeah, Zombie Dice is in Walmart. Oh, and if you want to get either of the expansions (Double Feature or School Bus), be sure to check out your Friendly Local Gaming Store!

-- Brian Engard


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