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August 9, 2014: Dominic Postiglione

We are extremely sad to report that Dominic Postligione passed away yesterday.

Those of you fortunate enough to see the Adventure Retail team in action at San Diego Comic-Con, Gen Con, or DragonCon, or who were able to visit The Source Comics and Games in Minnesota, don't need to be told what a kind, helpful man Nick was. Nick was a fixture in gaming and comics in Minnesota for decades, and touched so many more lives than he could possibly have realized. We've had the good fortune to have worked with Nick at many of these shows over the last 15 years, letting him and his team do what they do best -- sell games -- so that we have our minds free to meet y'all and teach you the games in our booth. It's definitely not going to be quite as much fun without him.

We extend our condolences to all our friends at Adventure Retail, The Source, and Atlas Games, and especially to his son Adam, who was a vital part of the AR team at many shows over the past few years.

On a personal note: I am very glad that I took the time at San Diego this year to talk with Nick in between meetings. I'm glad I didn't know this would be the last time, or I might have made a sappy fool of myself. Nick was one of the best people I've ever met. I'm hosting the dinner at the Munchkin Tavern one week from today, and I hope those of you who are there that night will join me in raising a glass to my friend's memory.

-- Andrew Hackard

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