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August 14, 2020: Gen Con Online Wrapup

How was YOUR Gen Con Online experience last weekend? Here were our wins:

  • The 40 Years of Steve Jackson Games talk was informative, funny and reflective, and Steve and Phil even snuck in a product reveal or two. 
  • We got to practice our online gaming skills, and Z-Shot, Ogre, Deadly Doodles, and even Tribes were well-represented.
  • The Car Wars Q&A got into the nitty-gritty of game development and philosophy, with Randy and Phil providing lots of info about the game (It's currently on BackerKit!).
  • Our Discord server was the usual inviting mix of game talk, reminiscing, and why The Buggles were an underrated band.

If you missed us, don't worry - hold October 10 open for our one-day mini-FnordCon. If we can't see you in person, we'd love to see you (virtually) online!

-- Alex Yeager

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