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August 22, 2020: Add The Original Illuminati Game To Your Library


If you're a fan of the original Illuminati game, today is your chance to secure one of the limited Illuminati Pocket Box Bundles for yourself and add the original game -- and the expansions! -- to your collection. Offered as a special reward level in the current coasters Kickstarter campaign, this large box was created during our 2019 Pocket Box project and our supply of the boxes is running very low.

The bundle includes a near-exact reprint of the 1982 Illuminati game, the two Pocket Box expansions, the ziplock bag expansion, as well as 9" x 12" pocket folders that are great whenever you need to organize and carry papers to your next meeting or game session. Please see the image, below, for a look at what's packed inside the box, and then join the Kickstarter campaign at the $80 reward level so that you do not miss out on grabbing one of the (very) few copies of the bundle that we have left in our warehouse.

NOTE: Open to United States backers only. We will make the set of coasters availble on Warehouse 23 in the future.

-- Phil Reed


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