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December 5, 2018: Celebrate The Holidays With A Munchkin Party

For many of us, the end of the year is a time to gather friends and family together, reflect on the good times and bad in the year just past, and make plans for the year to come. In that spirit, we would like to suggest that you and your loved ones kill monsters, stab each other, and take each other's stuff.

A Munchkin party can be a fun way to enjoy the holiday season and take a break from shopping and cooking and all that tedious "good will toward men" stuff. All you need are a few devious, bloody-minded friends, a Munchkin game or two, and some appropriate beverages to grease the wheels of deceit and larceny. We also recommend picking up the Munchkin Party Pack, which has 15 party-themed cards for your game and 15 cards you can give away as bribes to get on your guests' good side. (Why do you think they're called "favors"?) And given the season, Yule want to stir in a generous helping of holiday cheer: Warehouse 23 has a carefully curated selection of Munchkin Christmas goodies just for you. If you don't celebrate Christmas, just think of it as a chance to give Santa what he so richly deserves.

Got any good Munchkin holiday memories? Share them on the forums or tag us on social media with #PlayMunchkin so we can enjoy them, too!

-- Andrew Hackard

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