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December 10, 2018: Ogre Battlefields Is Destroying Stretch Goals On Kickstarter!

This is incredible, gang! If you're not yet supporting the Ogre Battlefields campaign on Kickstarter, then now's your chance to dive in and help the push to make this the largest Ogre expansion ever!!! The project has been open for less than a week, and already the backers have broken through all of the stretch goals we had planned to carry us through to the end of the campaign. What does that mean? More stretch goals!

We're being careful when it comes to adding stretch goals, though, and selecting only those ideas that will not knowingly delay delivery of the project.

If your game collection includes the Ogre Designer's Edition and/or Ogre Sixth Edition games, then the Ogre Battlefields expansion is a must! More maps!!!!

Are you new to Ogre?

"Put aside everything else the man has done -- from Car Wars to Illuminati to GURPS -- and with Ogre alone Steve Jackson earns a place in the pantheon of game design immortals."

- Erick Wujcik, Hobby Games: The 100 Best (2007)

If you've never before played Ogre, then now is a perfect time to join in and learn what has made this classic wargame a fan-favorite for over four decades. As part of the Ogre Battlefields project on Kickstarter, we have reward levels that include the miniatures rules, a level loaded with the Battle Box (dozens of minis inside), as well as one reward level for those of you who want to take the chipboard counter approach and aren't looking to assemble and paint plastic minis.

Ogre is still one of the fastest-playing wargames out there, and the Ogre Battlefields expansion -- combined with either Ogre Sixth Edition or the Ogre Battle Box -- makes a great game even better. Join us today, and see why so many gamers are still enjoying Ogre over forty years after it first reached tables.

-- Phil Reed

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