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December 7, 2018: Holiday Ideas from Warehouse 23

Planning on ordering some great Christmas loot from Warehouse 23? Whether you're in need of Munchkin accessories and expansions, more GURPS adventures, or the brand-new edition of Illuminati, here are some things you'll be glad you know:

Our Haul-iday Sale is in full swing and runs through Wednesday, December 19. We've got lots of great discounts, as well as fun gift-with-purchase items. And if you order soon, you won't have to worry about all those pesky shipping deadlines. (At least, not in the U.S.) For you last-minute shoppers, be sure to tune in next week for more information about warehouse deadlines and ship dates.

And just to sweeten the deal: We've uncovered a stash of cool dice in the warehouse! So, while supplies last, each physical order over $10 from Warehouse 23 will include a random d6. You're welcome! (Andrew here: we also just opened a slightly scorched crate labeled "DO NOT OPEN, YOU FOOLS" and found a whole lot of random promo cards and bookmarks, so we're tossing a bunch of those into physical orders as well!)

Not sure what to gift? Our one-size-fits-all digital Gift Certificates are the perfect solution to your dilemma. These certificates come in any denomination from $1 to $500, and they'll arrive almost instantly in the inbox you designate.

-- Susan Bueno


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