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December 6, 2004: Day Of The Ninja

(pic) was technically yesterday, but what's the point of doing it on a Sunday? On the other hand, TODAY you can wear your stylish Ninja Burger outfit to work and make mysterious ninja comments to your co-workers. I'll certainly be wearing MY ninja T-shirt. If you don't have one, too bad. Stock up for next year. (Insert ninja snicker here.) Remember, ninja do not say ARRRRR! That is a different holiday. Unless the ninja is trying to disguise himself as a pirate. OK, that just suggested a new card . . .

Other Day of the Ninja badness is available on the official Ninja Burger site. I hope they don't send ninjas after me for not posting this yesterday. Unless they are bringing food, in which case: Rare burger, extra wasabi, please.

It would really be nice to have a tie-in here to the Ninja Burger supplement and announce its title, but whoops, haven't decided yet. Have it down to a few NON-lame suggestions, and staff is voting now. Tune in soon.

Late addition! Aeon just sent me this great pic from Lucy in Paris (really!), proving that okay, you CAN find ninjatastic things to do on a Sunday . . . She said, and I quote: "So, here they are, from Paris in France where the Ninja Day is a very popular feast day (thanks Lord there is no "chicken man day" yet). The funny thing is that I only succeed in gathering 9 friends, but in front of us were 50 or 70 japanese tourists taking photos of us."

A ninja thumbs-up to Lucy!
-- Steve Jackson

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