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December 23, 2004: It Could Be Worse

This panel appeared in Something Positive a few days ago, and it made me think. (Yes, it's dangerous when that happens.)

In business terms, it's not the best year we've ever had. Some things that we really expected to happen, still haven't. (cough, e23, cough). Some things that had taken a lot of effort came to nothing. And in general it's often seemed like we were running very hard to stay in the same place.

But truly, it hasn't been a bad year. The GURPS Fourth Edition books are as great-looking as we had hoped, and you like the new rules, and this is definitely a win. It's painful to lose staff, but we've added some good people and opened new doors for some folks who have been here a while. UltraCorps works; we're having a lot of fun with our alpha game in the office, and we're moving toward a beta-test.

And on a personal level . . . okay, I've had better years. But I've had worse ones. And I'm paying most of my bills on time, and I've got friends. So you know what? No complaints today. And I hope it's worked out the same for you.
-- Steve Jackson

(Oh, yes, the plug. If you haven't read Something Positive, and you have a bent and bitter sense of humor, go read it now. And if you're already an Something Positive fan, Warehouse 23 has the S*P store . . . several evil shirts now, and more wickedness on the way.)

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