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December 6, 2018: Ogre Battlefields Now On Kickstarter

The new Kickstarter campaign is up, right here. The centerpiece of Battlefields is two big maps; they are tried and tested from back in the Dark Ages but have never before been available in this scale. They're green GEV-style, and they come with scenarios. Both of them geomorph with the Ogre Designer's Edition maps. Or, if you have Ogre Sixth Edition, this set will introduce you to the joys of terrain.

At the start of the campaign, the maps will be back-to-back. If we hit the stretch goal, though, they'll be separate pieces – which means they can also geomorph with each other. The maps are each 28.5" x 33" – so side by side, they'll make a map 57" x 33", or 28.5" x 66".

Also included are 70+ counters (sure thing), four buildable Ogres including two Ninjas (sure thing), a complete Ogre rulebook (sure thing), and probably some overlays (the very next stretch goal).

I think the thing that excites me the most about this one is that, assuming the Double Maps stretch goal is reached, I'll be able to combine these maps with the ones from the Designer's Edition and make a single long skinny battlefield, more than 13 feet long! (You have to imagine my hand gesture here. 13 feet – that's well over twice my height. BIG.) That will be perfect for big convention games – say, six players on a side. Sound like fun?

Please go support us – reserve yourselves some big maps and all the stuff that comes with them.

-- Steve Jackson

NOTE: If you're a fan of the Ogre playmats we've been creating this year, you'll be happy to know that all four playmats are available as add-ons in the project. Four? That's right, gang, we've included the new Ogre Playmat M4 as part of the Ogre Battlefields project. Don't miss out on your chance to expand your battlefield options! –PR

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