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December 1, 2004:
We're pleased to welcome Nathaniel Eliot (aka temujin9) as our new system administrator, filling the hole that Sage left. It's his job to keep our computers from throwing off their shackles, destroying their human masters, and running rampant . . . read article

December 2, 2004:
GURPS isn't the only gaming system to use the six-sided die. West End Games uses the lovable cubes in their D6 System, the Core Set of which shipped in November . . . read article

December 3, 2004:
Get back a lost lover. Find a new one . . . read article

December 4, 2004:
Have you seen the sneak peeks of the GURPS Magic table of contents, index, and introduction chapter yet? If not, you won't know that we've also included a grimoire form, for listing your character's spells . . . read article

December 5, 2004:
Months ago, the GURPS Basic Set Deluxe Edition was offered up for preorder for a time, and some wise individuals seized the chance as it was offered to them, and in due time were they rewarded with two foil-stamped leather-bound books in a lovely slipcase. And lo! . . . read article

December 6, 2004:
Sunday? On the other hand, TODAY you can wear your stylish Ninja Burger outfit to work and make mysterious ninja comments to your co-workers . . . read article

December 7, 2004:
GURPS Bestiary for the Fourth Edition is a book of creatures drawn from reality, from the imagination of ancient writers, from previous GURPS books . . . and from the minds of the authors. It has wolves and snakes, porcupines and badgers, and of course lions, tigers, and bears . . . read article

December 8, 2004:
Burn in Hell started off as a fast-play game. Here are the rules from that stage of its development . . . read article

December 9, 2004:
UltraCorps, the online game we bought earlier this year, is in a staff-only alpha test. So far, it's working, and we are beginning to learn what makes it tick . . . read article

December 10, 2004:
Some folks are housebound, suffer debilitating injuries, or get a rash in the underbrush. No matter the reason you can't get out into the field, Live-Shot is prepared to help you kill some of God's creatures . . . read article

December 11, 2004:
Those of you who are comic fans are likely to be familiar with Comic Shop News and its annual roundup of holiday gift ideas. Aimed at the befuddled friend of the comic book collector, this year's issue covers collections (hey, look, The Best of Dork Tower!), manga, comic strip reprints, books about comics, and games . . . read article

December 12, 2004:
In less than four months, the key volume of GURPS Fourth Edition, GURPS Characters, has sold out of its print run. Wow! . . . read article

December 13, 2004:
I'm advised that Micro Life, which I mentioned a month or so ago, was originally produced by the BBC. Cool . . . read article

December 14, 2004:
Now making a mad dash to distributors everywhere, hoping to hit the game store shelves just in time for last-minute Christmas shopping, is this must-have gift idea for good little girls and boys all around the world: GURPS Magic Completely revised and updated for GURPS Fourth Edition, this full-color hardcover combines the spells from the Third Edition GURPS Magic and GURPS Grimoire, plus dozens of all-new spells, for the ultimate tome of magic! Within these pages, crackling with mystic energies, you'll find: The core magic system for GURPS, expanding on the material presented in the GURPS Basic Set: Characters . . . rules for learning magic, casting spells, enchanting magic items, and more! . . . read article

December 15, 2004:
Steve Jackson Games announces for release in April, 2005: Ninja Burger 2 - Sumo-Size Me! Be a ninja! Deliver fast food! . . . read article

December 16, 2004:
Many Denver residents, hoping to earn a $2,500 reward, are searching for a lost steel rod containing radioactive cesium-137. The two-foot rod is believed to have fallen off a truck last Friday . . . read article

December 17, 2004:
Michael Hayden is the one you can all blame for the Ninja Burger 2 - Sumo-Size Me! title . . . read article

December 18, 2004:
Steve Jackson Games and World Apart Productions have mutually agreed to stop development of the GURPS Online project. We gave it the "old college try," but after delays caused by other project priorities, and a re-evaluation of the economics of text-based games into today's computer game market, we decided not to continue with the effort . . . read article

December 19, 2004:
We are pleased to announce that Ken Burnside has filled the Print Buyer opening advertised at the end of October, freeing Monica Stephens to move to an editorial position. Ken is known among the Pyramid community (and the SF boardgaming community) as the president of Ad Astra Games, publishers of the 3-D spaceship combat game Attack Vector: Tactical and several other fine products of the exceedingly geeky persuasion . . . read article

December 20, 2004:
In 30 seconds. Re-enacted by bunnies . . . read article

December 21, 2004:
Traditionally, SJ Games closes its office the day before Christmas and doesn't reopen until after New Year's Day. So this year, our last day of regular business will be Thursday the 23rd, and our first day next year will be Monday, January 3 . . . read article

December 22, 2004:
Also shipping in April: Munchkin "Lovely Loot" Shirt This high-quality, 4-color, completely evil shirt depicts the Super Munchkin and the Munchkin Babe, surrounded by their ill-gotten loot. It includes special rules allowing the wearer of the shirt to get extra treasure . . . read article

December 23, 2004:
This panel appeared in Something Positive a few days ago, and it made me think. (Yes, it's dangerous when that happens.) . . . read article

December 24, 2004:
Orgon can entrain your brain! Orgon can increase ESP! . . . read article

December 25, 2004:
Scientists in Japan have operated on a living cell, using a probe only 200-300 nanometers across. The tool tip is described as "pyramid-shaped." Here's the BBC story . . . read article

December 26, 2004:
Hope everybody had a good December 25. Austin got COLD . . . read article

December 27, 2004:
In order to support (for instance) e23 and online games like UltraCorps, our subscriber database requires overhauling. This is happening now and should be done very early in January, if not before . . . read article

December 28, 2004:
Want to flip through Leonardo's notebook? How about the Lindisfarne Gospels or the Diamond Sutra? . . . read article

December 29, 2004:
Websnark essay on webcomics . . . specifically, his choice for the funniest in a number of different categories. I agree with several of his choices, and as for the ones I don't . . . well, I clearly have some reading to do, I guess . . . read article

December 30, 2004:
The new fifth edition of Ars Magica from Atlas Games has been flying off the shelves over at Warehouse 23. This fantasy roleplaying game based on authentic medieval history and culture has always been a fan favorite, but the new edition has exceeded everyone's expectations . . . read article

December 31, 2004:
No, seriously. Not without permission, anyway . . . read article

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