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February 2, 2005: GURPS Space Playtesters Needed!

GURPS Space is a toolkit for creating space campaign settings for GURPS, Fourth Edition. It covers system, planet, and society design; creating aliens to suit worlds and settings (from a primarily biological point of view, as the Basic Set already addresses the game mechanics); and character design, campaign planning, and GMing for space-oriented games. Based on the original GURPS Space, it has been radically revised and redesigned by James L. Cambias and Jon F. Zeigler.

The Space playtest will run from Friday, February 4, 2005 to Sunday, March 6, 2005 on a closed mailing list. Only Pyramid subscribers are eligible to participate, and list membership is limited to about 30 playtesters. Interested parties should write to the lead playtester, Jeff Wilson (jwilson@io.com), by no later than February 4, 2005. Please put [SPACE] in the subject line, and be sure that the first line of your e-mail contains your name and e-mail address, like this:

Jeff Wilson <jwilson@io.com>
Also include a brief note describing past playtesting experience and familiarity with GURPS, Fourth Edition. Potential playtesters should be aware that this edition of Space does not focus on gadgets or technology. The emphasis is on worlds and campaigns, and the expertise sought is scientific and creative, not game-mechanical or technological. As we anticipate many replies, we cannot reply to individual applications.

Interested but not a Pyramid subscriber? Subscribe today!

-- Sean Punch

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