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February 16, 2005: Vacation Report, Sort Of

I have become amazingly bad at goofing off.

On both Monday and Tuesday I got up, sat down at the computer to check mail, and was "at work" until the office closed. This is thoroughly lame of me. Granted, it didn't help at all that on Monday we found out that a supplier had basically ignored instructions, thus dropping one of our upcoming releases from On Schedule to Heaven Only Knows. (No, I'm not telling which. We're trying to work with the supplier without descending to public invective and humiliation. But "work with" means "give them the chance to get it right," not "let them whine and moan and offer us a discount to take this junk.")

So Monday was the sort of "vacation" day where you grind your teeth until little flakes of enamel pop off and skitter across the desk.

And tomorrow will be an office day, to sign a lot of approvals for various things and to thank everyone for trying to keep things off my back. It's hugely appreciated.

Still: the weather is moving steadily toward spring, my purple iris have started to bloom, and I have been reading books, surfing webcomics, working in the garden, and possibly regaining a bit of sanity. And if tomorrow goes well, maybe I can keep the mini-sabbatical going for a bit longer.
-- Steve Jackson

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