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February 7, 2021: Lots Of Anniversaries!

It turns out that 2021 is a multiple anniversary year. We'll have more to say about these, but just to count them off:

• It's the 40th anniversary of Car Wars. (And there will be a Car Wars status report very soon.)

• It's the 35th anniversary of GURPS. (And the Girl Genius book is in Production right now, making its way through the "p. 00" cross-reference process, and will be Kickstarted later this year.)

• And it's already, if you can believe it, the 20th anniversary of Munchkin! (And we are still munchkining away at new stuff for you. I'm working on a new one right now. Can't say the name yet.)

It's been a long, strange trip! Thanks for riding along.

-- Steve Jackson

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